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Gillum Design will work closely with you through every step of the production process to create an effective, affordable corporate program.

I recognize that many businesses no longer require lavish productions costing thousands of dollars per finished minute. As an alternative, by using economical new technologies, I produce moderately priced videos, distinguishing myself from other production companies.

Gillum Design specializes in:
Sales, Marketing, and Promotional Videos
Use Gillum Design for your overflow needs Training Videos
Company Meetings and Seminars on Video
TV Commercials
Video CD-Rom's and DVD's
Video Animation

Our sales, marketing and promotional videos can supplement live sales presentations, reduce traveling expenses or sometimes even replace the need for outside sales personnel.

Gillum Design training videos are designed to instruct employees consistently and increase productivity.

I can also videotape company meetings, slide presentations, seminars and speeches.

Gillum Design offers your company all the advantages of your own in-house production department, without the encumbrances of overhead, expensive production equipment and costly technical.

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