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A good logo design is a primary factor since your company logo is the cornerstone of all of your marketing and promotional material. Logo design establishes your identity, a strong identity will help your business attract new customers and keep existing customers coming back.

Logo Design A custom logo design also helps...
Reinforce brand, helping solidify consumer loyalty
Familiarity is key to growing your business. Logo design is a primary factor since your company logo is the cornerstone of all of your marketing and promotional material.

Create a positive, long-term impression
After establishing your identity, your goal is increasing consumer remembrance. An effective corporate logo design can help turn your business into a household name.

Professional logo design increases credibility
Competition is fierce in today's economy. Business owners, small and large, need to gain credibility in order to contend with existing industry leaders.

Our Logo Creation Process
Step 1: You complete a questionnaire about your business and what you are looking for in a logo. Any color suggestions, stylistic ideas, and general conceptual thoughts that you provide will help me get a feel for the type of visual identity that would be most appropriate for your business.

Step 2: After reviewing your questionnaire, Gillum Design will contact you by phone for an initial consultation to begin the design process. In this conversation, I will discuss the project goals with you and answer any questions you may have regarding the process as a whole. The project timeline will be initiated at this step.

Step 3: Based on your questionnaire and phone consultation, Gillum Design will create and present to you several visual logo concepts, along with his/her thoughts and vision for your logo as it relates to your business.

Step 4: After you receive your logo concepts, you will choose your preferred logo concept and collaborate with Gillum Design on several revisions to that logo design. During this stage, your constructive criticism and direct, thorough feedback will be important to ensure your complete satisfaction with the final result. After revisions are complete, I will deliver a final, high-impact logo design for your approval.

Step 5: Following receipt of your written approval of your chosen design, Gillum Design will provide you with print and Web-ready formats of your logo.

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