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The point of the ecommerce site is to bring in sales – A LOT OF SALES.

Many businesses make a critical mistake when it comes to their online stores – they do not approach it seriously. If you do not know exactly who your target customers are then you are NOT serious about your online business! If you do not have a clear monthly online sales objective or medium term sales projections you are NOT serious about your online business. If you are SERIOUS though about your online sales, then Gillum Design will be able to help you.

I evaluated many shopping cart platforms available on the market today (there are more then 1800 different shopping cart platforms) and have their advantages based on your company's needs. I use platforms that are open source shopping carts that is most widely used on the Internet.

What Gillum Design does is take this secure and versatile shopping cart and make it work specifically for you. I can customize the look of your store to make it enticing for your customers to click on the “Purchase NOW!” button. I can integrate your store with your merchant account. Need real-time shipping quotes from UPS, FedEx or USPS for your products? I can do that for you. This is how my 10+ years of programming experience pays off.

The Benefits

Gillum Design can help you extend your business operations to the web. With an online store you can have your customers make purchases 24/7 with a very small overhead. Think of it as extra sales person that works all the time, needs no insurance, and is paid substantially less than a minimum wage worker. Gillum Design's eCommerce solutions can make a significant difference to your bottom line. They are feature-rich, secure, and highly scalable. So no matter what kind of products or services you are selling Gillum Design can plan, develop, market, and maintain your online store.

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